Botanical Name: Pteridophyta (general)

Ferns are probably one of the oldest groups of plants. There are numerous types/varieties of ferns. The Compacta, is an upright variety of a Boston fern. This fern is grown for the look of the foliage since it does not produce a flower. This fern is one of the best plants for removing air pollutants, especially formaldehyde, and for adding humidity to the indoor environment.

The Green Machine, Inc. grows a 6" Compacta fern, on a pre-book/special order item only. We can grow them throughout the year and they can be used in a foliage mix with our pothos and ivy products also as a special order/pre-book item.

It is available year round and can be shipped in a 6 or 12 pack.

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8" Compacta Fern

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